Monday, May 15, 2006


Yes, it was. Saturday went to the WMMO concert (free) in downtown Orlando. Opening band were local boys The Chronics; lots of 60s rock & soul. not bad at all. The next band was someone you've probably not heard of, yet you've probably heard them if you listen to classic rock radio. The band: Gator Country. Who are they really? Well, in reality they're Molly Hatchet without the name. 2 of the guitarists and the drummer are from the original lineup of Molly Hatchet, the singer is the second vocalist after Danny Joe Brown left the band, and the bass player was from a slightly later version of the band. Only the 3rd guitarist was never in Molly Hatchet. So they put on a kick-ass show, too bad there weren't more people there to see `em.
Most people showed up later to se the headliners, .38 Special. The band still has Donnie Van Zant, and Don Barnes, so they still sound like the .38 special you used to hear on the radio & MTV. They just released a new album, and I picked up an autographed copy at the booth.

So, a fun night was had by all...especially the people who could afford to drink too many $5 beers!!!

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