Thursday, May 11, 2006


Well, for starters, I do like the show; it's an interesting look at an alien invasion interspersed with post-hurricane scenes of destruction. And except for
the thunder & lightning that seems to accompany both hurricanes (which I can't say I've see/heard through any of the hurricanes I've been through in the last few years) it seems fairly authentic. After all, this is only TV.
But, last night's show had what is probably the dumbest dialogue I've heard outside of a 'B' movie (or a Lifetime movie).

Kira, Sheriff Underlay's teenage daughter escapes from the holding building where the hybrids are holding the humans. She is chased by one of the bad guys, and just as he catches up to her, he gets hit in the face with a 2x4 wielded by her Dad, the sheriff (who's actually a hybrid). Dialogue ensues:

Kira: "Dad -you're here!"
Dad: "And so are you."

What the hell kinda dialogue is that supposed to be??

The cheesy dialogue censor musta been asleep for that one...

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