Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Dad's in the old folks home Alzheimer's section now, finally moved in this past Friday. Which is a sorta good thing, because he was getting too much for Mom too handle at age 86. They really should have moved down here from B.C. years ago. But they like their 'National Health', though I don't know why. One has to wait forever to see a doctor, or have a non-life threatening operation; and apparently you still have to pay money, and they don't pay for things they don't want to; even Alzheimer drugs. So where does the national healthcare part come in?? I guess they treat everyone equally crappy, eh?
So anyway, now he's there, and Mom's waiting to get a room there also.
But a funny side to this...
Mom called and told us that when she visited Dad the other day he told here he was
ready to come home know because "There's so many silly people here".

It's funny, but it's sad too if you knew my Dad...when he was still who he used to be...

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