Thursday, May 11, 2006


Yep, the "Killer Clown" himself; executed on yesterday's date 12 years
ago. But that's NOT the most interesting fact about him...

Did you know...

On June 23,1965 Gacy was a small time music promoter. After
a concert, he drove the members of the band to his house. In the
words of a band member:
"He was a fat greasy little man, he plied us with all these drinks
and it was quite apparent that he was after Dave.
We could see Dave getting under the influence, but we thought,Nah,
this one doesn't taste right, so we grabbed our stuff,said Thank you
very much and left."

The band involved...

The Kinks, only 5 days after their U.S. debut in New York City.

Dave Davies, you're a lucky man...

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