Thursday, May 25, 2006


1)Void Moon by Michael Connelly: Criminal activity in Vegas,double/triple cross-death & destruction. Not as good as The Lincoln Lawyer, but still good.

2)The Italian Secretary by Caleb Carr: Sherlock Holmes, Queen Mary of Scotland,the murdered David Rizzio (who was the Italian Secretary). But way to much talking, Conan Doyle would have done it in less pages.

3)Papa John by John Phillips: The story of sex,drugs,& rock n roll as told by the head Papa. No holds barred in this one.

4)Coldheart Canyon by Clive Barker: This one's really weird,even for Barker. Katya Lupe,old-time movie star, still looks young, has a room that's really the big outdoors(but not in Hollywood),has sex with ghosts of dead movie stars (names you'll recognize here) and all sorts of demented shit (even for Barker).

5)Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs: For those of you who watch TV, yup, this is the Bones lady. The character in this book is Temperance Brennan, but nothing like the one on the TV show, except for being very good at her job. Which is what makes this sorta hard to read, you keep looking for the other characters from the TV show, none of who are here. In fact, the book takes place in Montreal Canada!
But, once you get past all that, it's quite a good thriller. I have another one at home in the TBR pile, so we'll have to see how it holds up (someday-it's quite a large pile!-just ask Phyllis) against this one, which was her first book.

6)Tough Calls by Dick Irwin: A change of pace here. A book about hockey, but told from the viewpoints of the referees & linesmen. The author profiles quite a few of both, and then lets them tell stories of on-ice excitement; fights, penalties, missed calls, etc. Quite an interesting book, and a switch to hear the officials side of the story.


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