Friday, June 16, 2006


Apropos to nothing,that reminds me of a story. A few years back Robert Plant was rehearsing for one of his solo tours here in Lakeland Florida. My wife & I went down hoping to get him to sign a Zep album and a Now & Zen cassette. Their were maybe a dozen of us fans there waiting patiently in murky weather. We chatted with the band when they came out for a smoke. Well, finally the rehearsal ended, but no sign of Robert. About 45min later, it finally started to drizzle, but still we waited. He finally came out, ran right past us to the limo (as his minder told us (only 4 people left now) "certainly he can't stop here in the rain") and off he drove without so much as eye contact or a hullo there. Ungrateful bastard.
But conversely Arlo Guthrie will hang around after a show until everyone gets a picture and/or autograph; as will Mark Farner of Grand Funk.

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