Thursday, June 15, 2006


1)Mediterranean Caper by Clive Cussler: More Dirk Pitt adventures; this one with WWI biplanes, Nazis, & cocaine, all in a lovely ocean/island setting.

2)Basket Case by Carl Hiaasen: Interesting one about an obit writer, a dead rock star, and a unreleased record album. Slut Puppies indeed!

3)The Second City by Donna McCrohan: A look at the history of the Second City Theater, which spawned SCTV and countless comics from Alan Alda to Fred Willard (going to have to do apost on that, one of these days), and dozens inbetween. Yeah, even Homer Simpson (Dan Castellanata).

4)Queen Victoria by Cecil Woodham-Smith: Well, this was a long arduous book! While interesting, the author was far too detailed about peripheral events that affected Q.V.'s life. And the book only covered from her birth to the death of Albert,the Prince Consort!

5)Deception Point by Dan Brown: Still not as good as A&D or D.C., but better than the last one (about the computer). This one had icebergs, meteorites, alien life-forms, Nasa, the President, and murder most foul...

6) Lightning by Dean Koontz: Really liked this one, got into some really weird shit. Time-traveling Nazis, death/not death, actually quite a bit of lightning, and a happy ending. What more could you possibly ask for?

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Katie said...

I loved Koontz's Lightning, it was the first book that really helped me understand the paradoxes inherent in time travel and spawned a debate with my best friend (a Star Trek fan) about whether or not you could go back in time and become your own great-grandmother or father. (I won. She may not think so, but I did.)

Yes, I am a bookcrosser! I know I've seen your name floating around the forums. I just came to graduate school so I don't have much of a bookshelf, but you're welcome to keep an eye and let me know if there's anything you want to trade for. :)