Friday, June 28, 2013


20?? - 2013: Not sure when they opened (down here) or exactly when they closed, but was in Tampa the other week and went there for lunch, but no Frankies! Now, we came across them by accident when my wife used to go to the retinal specialist in Tampa and we drove by there one day. Well, being originally from Connecticut, we recognized the name as there were a few Frankies around where we lived in CT. Turns out that one of the Frankie family ended up going to college at UT and ended up opening a branch here. So my wife always got a hot dog, and I loved their steak sandwich(with onion rings and a beer-or two).
 We never got there a lot, since we live 50 miles from there, but they always seemed to have a decent lunch crowd when we did go. And I would have thought that being 2 blocks from UT they would get a good college crowd in the evenings. Hey, but what do I know??
 Anyway, sorry to see them go, hopefully they may be resurrected at some point down the road...

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